In 1999, as with many business start-ups, The Arizona Dog House Company began as a solution to a problem for our two founders.


As a long haul truck driver delivering cattle to and from ranches throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, Bill had seen and done a lot of interesting things out on the highways. He decided to call it quits one day and made the decision to find a local job where he could be in one place for more than a day or two. A “heavy-hauling” outfit in Phoenix, Arizona hired him over the phone, so that was where he ended up.


Connie, interestingly enough, had previously been a long distance driver and was currently working as a local driver in Phoenix.  When she met Bill at a local truck stop (surprise) they hit it off immediately.

These two characters had three things in common: they loved people, trucks and dogs. It wasn’t long before they decided it would be a great idea to adopt a dog to make their life complete. They ended up with three beautiful hounds, each with a distinct and unusual personality. The first puppy was a male Australian Shepherd they named Ringo (after Johnny Ringo), the second addition was a Weimaraner named Kaiser and the third bundle of joy was a female Weimaraner named Oakley (after Annie Oakley).

Life was grand until there was a realization that these three pooches were breeds with extremely high energy and needing large amounts of exercise and attention. Ringo and Oakley displayed all the usual energetic puppy-isms such as shoe eating and furniture chewing, however, Kaiser was in a class by himself.  Many a sleepless night was spent trying to figure out a way to limit the devastation created by this German nut-job while his two owners were at work (bless his heart).


After much research and contemplation, it was determined that Kaiser was not actually insane, but a typical representative of his proud and aristocratic German ancestry. These dogs were bred to hang-out with their humans, the kings and queens of Germany “back in the day”. They are prone to separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. Weimaraners are also bred to be splendid hunting dogs and are often referred to as “the dog with the human mind”.


Kaiser had an exceptionally strong case of this malady.  For example, when being walked by any

one of his humans, he would often come to a sudden stop and nod his head toward another direction he decided he would rather go. Something that Ringo would learn in three commands such as, “No, you can’t sit in the driver’s seat while the car is traveling down the road”, would require fifteen or more “No’s” to Kaiser (they counted). The four dog trainers that were hired to try and reason with this problem child had had no luck in altering his stubborn and eccentric behavior.

There was also the issue of age. A quote from a Weimaraner Rescue pamphlet read, “When your adolescent dog chews up your house while you are gone, hit yourself in the head with a newspaper a few times while saying, “Bad human, bad human!” You should have known not to leave your young Weimaraner alone and unattended in the house in the first place.”


It would also be hard to imagine another Blitzkrieg like the one Connie had come home to one evening. She was a few hours later than usual and the entire house had been pillaged. Kaiser had even found her beloved Trucking Atlas, the one with years of hand-written notes regarding truck stops and weigh stations in each state. He had eaten Chicago and the entire state of Illinois. This had to stop!


So why didn’t they just leave the beasts in the back yard while they were at work? Au Contraire, it is not possible in Arizona. In August it can get as hot as 120 degrees outside.  A house for the pooches would do the trick, but it had to be air conditioned. And now you know how and why it all began.


We have been building custom climate-controlled dog houses for 15 years.


Every custom dog house is made by local contractors who are members of our dog house community. The average experience of our contractor base is around 25 years, with the majority of them having experience not only with framing and cabinetry, but with fine furniture as well.

One of the reasons for having a large community of craftsmen rather than a small group located in one shop is the nature of this business.


Custom building dog houses with perfection in mind takes experience and skill.  Each dog house order is built by a woodworker who is an expert at that type of house.

It is easy to be proud of how far we have come, having been featured on many venues, some of which include the “Sonoran Living” television program, Scottsdale Life Magazine, Chanel 3 and 15 News and the local Humane Society Auction for Rescue Animals.


How customized are our dog houses? There are hundreds of options to consider, so we don’t make it until you order it. None of it. Each customer wants exactly what they want. And we don’t mind at all.


We're very proud of our crew.

They work together to build the beautiful dog houses that both you and your best friend will enjoy.


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Lead Carpenter




Lead Carpenter